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Twente Safety Campus

Troned: Practical and innovative training courses

We were first introduced to Troned in 2011, when we participated in a joint wildfire firefighting exercise. This enabled us to exchange valuable experience and become fully acquainted with their unique location. Since then, many of our personnel (including Officers on Duty) have attended the practical 'fire behaviour and fire progression’ Brainbox. The people at Troned also provide regular theoretical lessons at our fire stations.  

Jelle Nijeboer,

Veiligheidsregio Ijsselland
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Troned: Effective training and seamless teamwork

“Our employees train at least three days per year, with an average of one day at Troned. The content is different each time and their people think with us. The fact that the various training scenarios remain in place until our next exercise, is an added advantage. It’s often said that "everything’s possible at Troned." And in principle, that’s true". 

Albert van Eldik,

Ambulance Oost
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Risk Factory: Words are no substitute for experience

"Child safety already forms an integral part of our curriculum. But the Risk Factory enables children to experience a great deal in a short amount of time. Words in a classroom simply cannot compete".

Rob van der Vegt, directeur,

Stichting Katholiek Onderwijs Enschede
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Safety Field Lab: Independent advice for an improved product

Q Escape developed an escape route that’s illuminated using LED lighting in the event of a fire. The system is linked to a fire alarm and is, in principle, suitable for any environment.

Maarten Fijlstra,

Q Escape
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Safety Field Lab: Extensive expertise makes predictive testing possible

"I made valuable contacts during the Safety Field Lab workshop for care centres. We promptly arranged an appointment to test the system. We created a scaled model of a piggery at 1:10, and a team of thirteen people performed a variety of tests. This provided a number of interesting eye-openers, which were important for the development of the system". 

Bulle Koster, Dierenarts,

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